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A Dedicated Group Of Volunteers
At the core of the Ebeemee Snowmobile Club is a dedicated group of volunteers. Our members are deeply committed and passionate about supporting the sport of snowmobiling in the great state of Maine.  This is demonstrated through their remarkable efforts in support of the club.  From the countless man hours spent on trail maintenance and grooming, to the club’s outreach efforts to educate and ensure riders are enjoying the sport safely and in compliance with all rules and regulations.

It is through the efforts of the ESC and groups like this, that we all have access to this outstanding recreational activity which is enjoyed by countless families across New England.

Thank you.
ESC Ebeemee Snowmobile Club


President - Laurie Godin
Vice-President - Doug VanKnowe

Happy, Happy Trails Everyone!  This is really shaping up to be a great season! 
Trailmaster Traci Hartmann has really outdone herself with our new signage this year!  We are getting so much positive feedback on our trail system.  I just want to remind everyone that we have approximately 65 miles of just club trails for your riding pleasure.  I believe all trails are open and if not updated with new signs I know it is in process! Remember that although these club trails are not well known to many, they are great rides and some have spectacular views!  Stop at intersections and see where you might wander too…  Many of our trails connect and make a nice loop ride.  Remember, it’s about the journey, not the destination…
BR Update - Pete Plourde has been out across from the Gauntlett trail to the Saddleback turnaround with the BR and it is doing a fantastic job laying down white pavement.  He is on a full grooming schedule with the machine.   We have had a couple of hic-cups but he has figured it out and carried on!  We have a couple of bridges that we will need to widen next year and a few more trees to clear a wider path but other than that everything is “hunky dory”!  The machine is parked at the entrance to our River Trail off Maine route 11 and we are now able to access the 111 via Upper Ebeemee with a solid 20+ inches of ice on the pond!  Big shortcut for him to get him over to the 111.  We have been trying to come up with a “handle” for the BR when we use the CB.  We have decided to continue to remember and pay homage to our dear friend and “fearless leader” Al and go with the name “Sagamore’s Dream”!  Al always wanted our club to have a big groomer for our trails.  We finally have it Al!  We have a favorite photo of Al on the windshield so he gets to make every run the machine makes.  I’m sure he is watching over us all ♥
We had a club cookout at the lookout at the top of Al’s Alley a couple of weeks ago.  I believe there were fourteen of us up there marveling at the scenery and wishing it was about 15 degrees warmer!  Big shout out to members Steve and Tammy Noyes for bringing their Kitchen Cutter to the event to cook and warm our hands with!  Hot dogs, chips, cookies and water… Yummo!
Our first annual Reverse Raffle hosted by Wildwoods was a huge success!  All 60 tickets were sold prior to the event and many local businesses donated fabulous prizes for our silent auction as well as random ball drawn prizes!  I really think it was so much fun and can’t wait to do it again next year!  Big shout out to members Jen Mscisz and Diane VanKnowe for running the show so professionally!  I also want to thank our “best ever” local business Wildwoods for all of their support!  Cheri supplied delicious appetizers for us to all eat as we were having fun as well as great service!  You have been there for us Cheri!  We had two people split the $1200. grand prize and thank you to Brownville SC President Shawn Mitchell for donating some of his winnings back as well as Alan Stewart who was the Ball 54 “oh Damn I just missed top six” winner.  He received $150. for that draw and donated it all back to the club groomer fund!  Thank you so much!
As I write this it is approaching school vacation week.  Hard to believe we are mid-February already!  The trails should be perfect and it looks like Mother Nature is going to cooperate as well! 
Remember, It’s not about the mileage, it’s about the Smileage!  See you on the trails!

Thank you,
   Laurie Godin

President, Ebeemee SC


Trail Master - Traci Hartman

Groomers -
  Traci Hartman
  Pete Plourde

  Russ Krause
  Pam Krause
  Scott Lee

ESC - Ebeemee Snowmobile Club is proud to have "All" of our key club personel certified by the state of Maine as "Groomer Operators".

The State of Maine Dept. of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry – Bureau of Parks and Lands Snowmobile Program offers it's Groomer Operators Program to all snowmobile clubs.

As a club, we felt that it was important that all key members of our club partispate in the state's certification program.  By doing so..., our clubs officers, board members and key personel have a clear understanding of this vital operational aspect that our clubs mission is centered around. 

We are very proud of the dedication that our club members bring to the table and the support that they all have for the individual talents that make our members such a remarkable group of volunteers.

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